Book Reviewing

Amazon image of the Willis 2014 Action Research book

I’ve recently published a review in BJET of a book about Action Research aimed at doctoral students. I did find Willis & Edwards’ book useful where the SAGE handbook can be a bit intimidating… Amazon are selling it for about £40. Sadly, it’s not in the Lancaster library :/ (at the moment! – but I must say I’ve found the library refreshingly receptive to recommendations in the past).

This sort of highlights the significant perk of getting into book reviewing… You get to keep the book! I know that’s stating the obvious, but I do enjoy a real paper book, on a substantial topic, ‘to have and to hold’ (I do think e-books are very useful, not least for the capacity to search the full text).

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Promoting Positive Procrastination!

Supposedly at least 95% of people procrastinate at least occasionally. Given it’s popularity what better topic to choose for my very first blog post!

 Procrastination - We've all been there 
[Illustration by FrenkieArt]

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