Seeing the PhD viva from the other side (the good side)

Throughout the course of my PhD the viva stayed in the back of my mind as being something that sounded vaguely scary, but that by the time I did it I would completely ready for. Because, of course, when I had spent three years or more studying full time I would surely know everything there was to know. After all, aren’t you supposed to (briefly) become the world’s foremost expert on your topic?

Three years and five weeks in, I submitted my thesis. Suddenly, the viva loomed. No longer a vaguely scary event located somewhere in the future when I would be ready for it, it was now set to take place precisely six weeks and two days later.

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Promoting Positive Procrastination!

Supposedly at least 95% of people procrastinate at least occasionally. Given it’s popularity what better topic to choose for my very first blog post!

 Procrastination - We've all been there 
[Illustration by FrenkieArt]

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