Lancaster’s Educational Research Department (or EdRes for short) is one of the top six research-intensive Education departments in the UK (REF, 2014).

As well as being part of the same department we’re also all in the same college!

Aswell as conducting world-leading research, the department boasts over 200 PhD students located across the world.

Given that a large number of these students are studying at a distance this blog has been set up to provide an online space connecting PhD students within the department. Set up by PhD students, for PhD students, it is hoped that we can all benefit from hearing about each others’ experiences of ‘studying for a PhD’.

The site welcomes entries and comments from all EdRes PhD students, whatever your stage. Do browse around and read one of the recent posts or if you have any questions or suggestions leave us a comment below! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I’m currently investigating possible options for doing a PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning and stumbled across your blog πŸ™‚ Just wanted to say Hi and thank you. I would be interested to hear from anyone currently or previously enrolled on the Lancaster PHd in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning who might be willing to share their experience. You can contact me via twitter on @debbaff Many thanks


    1. Hi, Sorry about the delay in replying to your comment (we’re still all trying to get to grips with how to use the blog!). Thank you for you comment, it’s great to hear that you’ve found us and that it’s proved useful for you. Personally I’m enrolled on the traditional route PhD, but everything I’ve heard about the TEL programme has been very positive, and the department is a very friendly and supportive one, so I’d encourage you to consider Lancaster! Any more general questions about the department I’d be happy to answer (@vgorton on Twitter). Best wish for your further study πŸ™‚

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    2. Hi Debbie,
      I’m in Cohort 7 (‘The Magnificent’) of the TEL and e-research programme. My experiences of the programme have been positive. It’s not easy to give a specific or general reply in few words but I would recommend it to anyone. Happy to chat if you would like although you sound like your mind’s fairly made up. I’m @agentjohnson on twitter.

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      1. Brilliant πŸ™‚ thanks for taking the trouble to reply MJ πŸ™‚ yes think I’m pretty much decided on it but it would be fab to chat I’ll find you on Twitter ! Thanks again debs πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks so much for the reply Vicky and for the words of wisdom ! Yes I’ve been hearing lots of good things about the TEL PhD so I’m pretty sure it will be the one for me. πŸ™‚ kind regards Debbie πŸ™‚

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  3. Hi this is Randa from Egypt. I have a question regarding the entry requirements for getting accepted in the PHD independent research program. Do we have to have a previous master degree, or can we get accepted only with a Bachelor degree as previous education? i have a BA in Economics, with minor in Psychology. I have been extremely interested in the area of child development (mainly personality development, emotions, behavior, and social healthy development), and how this is greatly affected by parents, families, and their environment. I found DR Jo Warrin heading research topics in my area of interest. I grew interest in this area due to life events, informal readings, hearing about this topic. I have some knowledge about this are and lots of questions that I would love to explore as a PHD researcher. First I thought it would be difficult to get into a PHD without master degree, so i applied in psychology Master degrees, and I have now offers from Kent university, Birkbeck, and York St John universities to study MSC Developmental Psychology. However, the content of the program does not satisfy my interest since it concentrates more on cognitive and learning development, and statistics and research courses, rather than my area of interest. I found out this independent research program in Lancaster and after seeing Dr Jo research areas, I thought it would be better if i can directly start a PHD with her. I wonder if i can get accepted, or do I need to have a master degree before? I am asking since Dr Jo is out of office until Sept 19th, and i need to make a fast decision to accept any of my master offers or not??


    1. Hi Randa, apologies for not seeing this sooner. Unfortunately we’re not in a position to advise on admissions criteria. I recommending contacting either the Research Student’s Tutor or one of the PhD co-ordinators. I hope you managed to track someone down who could better assist you, and I wish you the best for your studies! Vicky


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